Makita LXT202 18 Volt Hammer Drill & Impact Driver Combo Kit

Cordless drills and the impact drivers are one of those essential power tools that a workshop should have. The responsibility of choosing best of them is quite vital as they play a significant role in every operation you carry out on heavy materials like concrete, masonry or other such sturdy materials. With the introduction of cordless drills, the power tool industry has changed rapidly.

Every manufacturer has joined the race in providing the best-in-class features in their products. Cordless drills as we mentioned earlier should be an all-around in performance and the impact driver should be high on providing torque with compact design is mandate one. Makita LXT202 18 Volt Hammer Drill and impact driver combo kit have all those features packed in a small package.

Makita LXT202
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In the below article, we discuss the detailed specifications of the combo kit, key features of both the drill and impact driver, what are good with them and what is not, and finally provide our final verdict that hopefully should help you in making your purchase decision. So let’s get started!

But before that let’s know about the brand who built it, the history behind their success briefly in the below paragraph.

About the company “Makita”:

Makita started its race in the field of power tools early in the year 1915 and has been termed as the innovation leader throughout the market. The company is well known for its products that are found mostly in the hands of American Contractors and workmen.

Makita started its journey as an electric motor sales and repair company. Now, the company stands on top as one of the innovation leaders, thanks to its dedicated R&D team who work tirelessly spending hours together to make the products as best as they can. Makita introduced the brushless motors fastening tools for the first time in the year 2004 for defense and aerospace industries. In 2015, after completing 100 years in the industry and understanding what the consumer needs are, Makita introduced LXT trademark technology for batteries.

They introduced various tools under the 18V category and now their 18V product range has more than 100 products. All these products are powered up by the fast charging LXT technology. Makita totally has 10 plants operating in 8 different countries whereas the main engineering branch of Makita, the Makita Corporation of America is located in Buford, Georgia.

Product Overview:

Out of the huge Makita’s 18V drill line up, here is another fantastic combo of a hammer drill and the impact driver. The hammer drill that comes in this combo kit is capable of providing enormous torque and can deliver three different speeds. The Drill/driver BHP454 has a ½” inch all metal chuck coupled with a four pole motor and can run at three different speeds. It produces 560 in lbs. Of maximum torque still being in a compact size. The weight of this drill is just 4.9 pounds which is lighter from many of the other drills.

Then there is an impact driver BTD140 which is also compact, ergonomically designed and weighs just 3.3 lbs. It is capable of producing 1280 in.lbs of torque with speed ranging from 0 to 3200 rpm. This impact driver or the drill/driver can quickly run through Masonry, stucco or any other sturdy materials thrown at them. Both the drills come with Li-ion batteries which can be easily swapped at the bottom of the drill thus making them efficient. The batteries come with Makita’s trademark charging technology which makes these batteries run longer and efficient in working. There are a ton of details to talk about the performance of these drills. So continue and enjoy reading this article as we dig deeper into details of everything this combo kit consists.

Makita LXT202
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Key Specifications:

  • Hammer Drill (BHP451) that weighs 4.9 pounds has four poles maximum torque motor capable of producing 560 in-lbs. Of maximum torque.
  • Impact driver (BTD140) which is very compact, weighs 3.3 pounds and delivers whopping 1280 in-lbs. Of torque.
  • LXT lithium batteries included in this drill for both impact driver and hammer drill that works quietly for the whole day without any obstacles.
  • There is also a Makita’s rapid optimum charger that can recharge the batteries completely within just 45 minutes.
  • There is a three-year warranty on tools and one-year warranty on batteries.

Quick Overview of Makita LXT202 18 Volt Hammer Drill & Impact Driver Combo Kit:

The tabular column details the specifications of the Makita LXT202 18 volt hammer drill and impact driver combo kit.

Product Name

Makita LXT202

Part Number


Power source

Cordless Li-ion battery powered


18 volts

Special Features

Compact in Size

Included Components


Batteries included


Batteries required


Battery Cell Type

Lithium ion

Warranty Description

3 years on tools and 1 year on battery

Editor’s Rating


Product Link

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Key Features of Makita LXT202 18 Volt Hammer Drill & Impact Driver Combo Kit:

Since this is a combo package which includes both hammer drill and impact driver, we have divided the key features of both the tools separately and standard key features as well, below:

  • Hammer Drill: Certainly, there are some best-in-class features on this hammer drill. They will lure you when you are making a purchase decision on buying a professional hammer kit for your day to day workshop operations.
  • Robust power: This hammer drill is just a powerful tool with its four pole motor that is very compact and efficient in working. The motor is capable of producing the maximum of 560 in-lbs of torque and weighs very light in weight. The weight of this hammer drill is just 4.9 pounds which are light against many of the other drills available in the market. Well, when there is a four pole motor inside you can surely expect excellent efficiency from this and believe us, it won’t let you down in providing you that power. You throw any material like Stucco or concrete or masonry; it just drills through it without any hassles.
  • More drill settings: There are three different drill settings which you can choose. The screw driver mode, the drill mode, and the hammer mode. These three different modes allow you to change between when you are performing those operations. While you want to drill you can use the drill mode which allows you to drill using bits. The screwdriver can easily handle up to 100 mm screws easily. The hammer mode is another mode which allows you to drill/drive through the dense materials like concrete or masonry without much effort but just keep in mind the fact that it is noisy!
  • Control in speed and blows per minute: As the drill comes with four pole motor which allows it to operate at three different speeds, ranging from 0 – 400 rpm, 0 – 1600 rpm and 0-1700 rpm it makes you take control of speed during high torque or low torque applications. Another interesting feature which you see is the hammer option that provides 0 – 25500 blows per minute (bpm) at its highest setting, 0 – 9000 bpm at its medium and 0 – 4500 bpm at its lowest setting. Again, when operating against different materials, it is quite essential to control the various settings such that you don’t damage the equipment itself. Hence, this configuration will allow you to take the monitoring of those.
  • Impact Drill: Another tool that comes along with this kit is the 18V Makita Impact driver which is also powerful in drilling through the materials like stucco or masonry or concrete. Below are some features of this tool which makes it worthy to purchase the whole combo kit.
  • Enormous Torque: As you would expect from a high impact driver, this impact driver delivers the same. It delivers huge 1280 in-lbs. Of torque while working on some heavy materials which are actually essential. This torque helps the tool to move in lateral position thereby allowing the tool to drill through them quickly. Since it is quite hard to drill through tough materials, say for example if you are drilling a 2-inch drill through concrete using a bit, then high torque is required so that the driver can go through the material quickly.
  • Compact and lightweight design: The design elements of this impact driver are equally competent with the design elements of drill/driver that comes along with it. The design structure of the impact driver is made similar to the drill, instead of with lighter elements. Thanks to those materials used in a compact shape, the impact drill weighs just 3.3 pounds. With such a light weight to hold, you can easily drill through those rigid materials.
  • Long lasting batteries: Now it is not easy to keep the power for long when you are performing operations on some heavy materials like concrete or masonry. It is essential that the battery lasts long and doesn’t break out in between an operation. This drill comes with 3 AH 18 V Li-ion battery which is enough to last long for the whole day operations. These LXT technology batteries from Makita produces 280 percent total lifetime work with two times more cycles than a usual Li-ion batteries. Both the hammer drill and impact drivers use the same Li-ion batteries.
  • Rapid Quick Charger: With the introduction and development of 18V tools lineup, Makita has mastered and innovated many of its products. This rapid quick charger that comes along with these 18V drill combo kit is one of those products engineered to make that batteries charge rapidly and safely without damaging. The charger charges the smaller batteries inside that large battery equally and doesn’t drain the other batteries when they are completely charged. This rapid charger can charge up the batteries back to its full state within 25 minutes.
Makita LXT202
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Technical Specifications of Makita LXT202 18 Volt Hammer Drill & Impact Driver Combo Kit:

  • Weight of Hammer Drill/Driver: The total weight of the hammer drill/driver is just 4.9 pounds which is lighter compared to many other drills available in the market under the same segment. This reduction in weight is because of the lighter materials that are used to manufacture this drill.
  • Weight of Impact Driver: The weight of this impact driver is 3.3 pounds including the battery which not only makes it competitive in this lineup but also helps users in performing massive drill related operations efficiently.
  • Motor in Hammer drill: The four pole motor placed in the hammer drill/driver is again a 18V one and is capable of producing 560 in-lbs. Of maximum torque. This drill is also operable at three different speeds which vary from 0 – 400 rpm, 0 – 1600 rpm and 0 – 1700 rpm. Since it allows different rates, it can be used accordingly based on the amount of torque and speed required.
  • Motor in Impact Driver: There is yet another powerful motor inside the impact driver which also operates at 18V and gives out the best performance required while drilling on heavy materials like concrete, masonry. This motor delivers 1280 in-lbs. Of maximum torque and can be switchable between two different speeds. The speed is ranging between 0 -3200 rpm.
  • Battery: Both the tools operate by 18V 3.0 Ah Li-ion batteries. These compact batteries are easily attachable and detachable from the drill. The batteries are also 18V powered and are compact in design with a built in the memory chip, which allows it to communicate with the optimum charger and improve its battery life by controlling the manner in which it’s charged.
  • Charger: Makita includes a rapid optimum charger that looks giant and has some clear LED indicators to let you know the clear status of the battery being charged. This 18V charger is ENERGY STAR rated plugs into the 110V source (220V in some countries) and is capable of charging the compact batteries within 30 minutes.
  • Chuck: The chuck present on both the tools is a ½” inch all keyless metal chuck that allows you to place and remove the drill bits quickly. This chuck allows various tool bits to be set and can hold on to them rigidly.
  • Chuck settings: As expected, this driver comes with 16 different chuck settings that lets you take control of the precision while performing any drilling or driving operations.
  • Drive settings: There are three distinct configurations at which the hammer drill can operate. It is a multi-functional tool allowing you to use it as a screwdriver or regular drill or even as the hammer.
  • Tool Belt Clip: There is a light metal tool belt clip which is available on the drill that acts as an anchor and allows you to hang the drill on the wall in your workshop. This belt clip can be easily placed on both the sides of the drill thereby giving the convenience for both left handed and right handed people.
  • Drill holder: This combo kit also comes with a finished drill holder that can be used while doing some serious drilling activity at high-level torques against active materials. This drill can be easily adjusted and has the superior grip to hold.
  • Depth Gauge: Makita also provides a depth gauge that can be set along with the holder and allows you to configure the depth up to while you would like to drill. Providing such simple materials will be helpful in some ways for the workman who ultimately rely on these while performing drilling or driving operations.

What comes inside the box?

When you open up the package, you will find all the below things inside the package.

  • One hammer drill
  • One Impact Driver
  • Two LXT Lithium ion 3 Ah batteries
  • One rapid quick charger
  • One drill holder
  • One depth gauge
  • One sturdy case


  • Powerful efficient motor: The first exciting feature about the both impact driver and drill driver is the powerful motor that lies beneath them. The motor in the Drill is a four pole motor which is superior, powerful and efficient than many other drill motors available. This four pole motor has the brushes accessible externally and hence can be replaced easily from home or site, rather carrying them to a repair shop and waiting for a long time. This motor is capable of producing three different speeds which are 25 percent faster than the competition. The drill allows the user to quickly drill through materials like stucco or concrete (new or old) or even commercial concrete which has higher psi.
  • Three different drive settings: At this price point, it is essential that it doesn’t lose to its competition by lacking some feature. Hence, this drill comes with three different drive modes which are screwdriver mode, drill mode, and hammer mode. These three modes become very helpful when you want to perform all those three operations at any site or home, and you cannot afford or carry three different tools for each of the three activities.
  • Phenomenal Control: The control which this device provides is phenomenal. Because of the powerful motor backing the machine, it can run at three different speeds which vary as from 0 – 400 rpm, 0 – 1600 rpm and 0-1700 rpm that allows you to take control of speed during high torque or low torque applications. The hammer mode of the drill lets you blow 0 – 25500 blows per minute (bpm) at its highest setting, 0 – 9000 bpm at its medium and 0 – 4500 bpm at its lowest setting. These different modes operable at different speeds makes the drill to be versatile.
  • Rapid Optimum Charger: Another highlight of this drill is its rapid optimum charger that comes in with this drill. The charger is capable of charging the 18V lithium ion compact batteries as well as the Makita’s 18V Li-ion LXT batteries. The charger is no simple mechanism. It is the cutting edge innovation that Makita carries in its charger. This charger charges the internal batteries of 18V battery equally. So if the 18V battery has 1.2V cells, then the charger charges them evenly and doesn’t drain down the batteries once they are completely charged. These increases the efficiency and battery life of the batteries. Both the batteries can be charged within 30 minutes. This charger also has clear indications of the battery status that lets you understand when the battery is charging, what is its current charge status and when it gets completely loaded. The charger has a built in fan that controls the temperature of the battery thereby making it fresh and charge quickly and efficiently. This charger also connects with the batteries in-built memory chip that extends the lifetime of the battery.
  • Superior technology Batteries: The 3.0 mAH Lithium ion batteries are compact and are ready to hold the charge for one whole day. Since they are of high capacity, they will surely don’t run out of charge in between your operations. There are two batteries included in the kit just in case you face the above situation of running out of charge. You can also add the Makita’s LXT batteries at an additional cost that can be charged by the charger that comes with this kit. These batteries also have a built in a memory chip that communicates with the charger and helps to run longer and extends the battery life. Since they are Lithium-ion batteries, the charge they hold is more than NiCad batteries and are capable of providing longer run time, five times lower self-discharge than NiCad batteries and 2000 cycles of battery power which is two and half times more than regular NiCad batteries.
  • Built in LED light and additional accessories: Both the tools come with a built in flashlight that which is triggered once you trigger the drill and holds on for at least 10-15 seconds which is helpful while performing operations during the dark time or tight spaces where brightness is very low. This flashlight helps to reduce the burden on your hands of holding another flashlight for that purpose. Apart from this, it also comes with a metal belt clip which can be attached on either side of the drill and allows you to hold comfortably on either side of your shoulders while working or just for hanging in your workshop. It also comes with a drill holder and depth gauge that helps you to hold the drill rigidly while performing for high torque applications. Also, the depth gauge helps you to set the required depth before drilling.
  • Warranty: The last but not least good about this drill is the Makita’s warranty feature. They provide you the 90-day money back guarantee if you aren’t satisfied with the drill. All the Makita’s tools come with a 3-year standard limited warranty that covers repair due to the defect in the materials or workmanship from the date of original purchase which also include a 1-year warranty on the batteries.


  • Hefty Pricing:Now this one you would have expected while reading through this article. Providing so many features at affordable pricing is very difficult. However, the money you are spending on this kit is worth it, and there are so many consumer reviews out there who tells about how delightful they are after making the purchase decision.
  • No battery status indicator:At this price point, this is the last thing which you can’t expect from a drill to miss. A battery status indicator on the drill itself could have helped and let the user know when to charge the battery. This feature again for some is a deal breaker, and for some it is negligible.
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Video Review of Makita Cordless Combo Kit LXT202

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s):

1. How many batteries are included in the package?

A: There are totally two batteries included in the package. One for the impact driver and one for the drill.

2. Is the chuck all metal and keyless?

A: Yes, the drill comes with a ½” inch all metal keyless chuck that allows you to hold different kinds of drill bits.

3. What is the source voltage required for the charger?

A: The charger comes with a plug that can be connected to 110V source and in some areas it is included with a 220V charger.

4. What are all included in the kit?

A: The kit includes a Hammer drill, Impact Driver, two LXT lithium ion batteries, charger, drill holder, depth gauge.

5. What are the chuck specifications of Impact Driver?

A: The impact driver also comes with an all metal chuck and is made of same material as of the drill/ driver.

6. Does the item ships to other countries than USA?

A: Currently, the item ships only to US regions, international shipping is currently not available.

Makita LXT202
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There are thousands of drill kits and impact drivers available from different manufacturers which you can purchase right now. All the drills or impact drivers tend to be unique in some way and provide the essential features based on the segments they fall. They can be as massive as the 18V range at the higher price range and also can be as light as the 12V range at the lesser price range. These drills/drivers often have their purpose and limited materials on which they can work on. If you try to use a 12V drill against heavy materials like Concrete, masonry or stucco, then there are maximum chances that your drill will fail in very short span of time.

Reading the user guide helps you solve that purpose on which materials, your drill/driver can be used. If your day-to-day work relies upon heavy materials all the time, then you should go ahead with a 18V drill or above that. Buying a drill might not be that tedious task, however choosing the best one that suits your needs is indeed one difficult task. If you are looking for a combo kit that can satisfy all your needs and help you in your workshop to carry out complex operations, then Makita LXT202 18 Volt Hammer Drill & Impact Driver Combo Kit is one ideal option to look out.

Makita LXT202 18 Volt Hammer Drill & Impact Driver Combo Kit comes with a hammer drill which is an 18V drill operable as three different tools. They are as the screwdriver, hammer drill, and regular drill. The powerful four motor inside the drill allows you to carry on complex operations on concrete, masonry, stucco easily at three different speeds and three different blowing settings. The ergonomic design allows you to hold the drill comfortably and it weighs just 4.9 pounds that is comparatively lesser in weight than the competition. Impact driver that comes along with the kit is also not just a compromise. It also packs some robust features like all keyless metal chuck, two different speed settings and produces maximum torque of 1280 in-lbs.

All in all the combo kit is definitely worth its price, and because of its new path breaking technologies in battery and charger segments, it is a reliable power combo kit. So if you are looking for the best combo kit neglecting the price tag it carries, then Makita’s LXT202 is the one you should consider before purchasing.

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