Hitachi DS18DSAL18-Volt Drill Driver

Drill drivers used in many of the day-to-day drilling works, like drilling through metal or wood or even concrete and masonry. Cordless drivers are the latest equipment to be used on all such different materials and Hitachi’s DS18DSAL18-Volt Drill Driver is one of those powerful drill drivers worth looking out for. Certainly, before you spend a lavishing sum of money over drill kit, you got to look out various features on what that particular drill kit is offering.

In the below article, we discuss some of the best-in-class characters of this drill/driver, how is it different from other drills, the pros and cons of it and all your unanswered questions about it. Based on which, you can take your decision of go or no-go to purchase.

Hitachi DS18DSAL
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About Hitachi: Inspire the Next

As global is the tagline, their products are also made targeting global markets. Hitachi’s power tools division was first launched in the year 1948 by Hitachi Koki for manufacturing coal mining machinery and equipment and power machine tools. Later in 1980 Hitachi Power tools, USA was founded, a year before which cordless drills came into the global market by them. Hitachi was known for its innovative products, and the popularity of Hitachi raised when they surpassed producing 30 million power tool units in 1985. Hitachi also has the quality certification of ISO 9002 received for its electric power tools in 1992. Definitely, with its superior leadership and path breaking products, Hitachi is one of those powerful worldwide companies in power tools market.

Product Overview:

Hitachi’s DS18DSAL18-Volt Drill Driver has the inspirational and stunning design which is very easy to hold and perform the drill operations with ease. Weighing just 3.5 pounds, this powerful torque emitting machine is just unbelievably light. Being so light, the capabilities of this drill are unlimited whether it is a wood or metal or even concrete, it drills through them or tightens the screws through them just as fast as a Lamborghini passes by you. This drill driver is full of features which we will walk you through in a bit.

Hitachi’s DS18DSAL18-Volt Drill Driver comes with some impactful features which are appealing for the consumers to show interest in it. If you look at the features like lightweight design, easy to hold grip, 2 fantastic 1.5Ah lithium ion batteries, a Quick Charger, 22 drive settings, ½ inch ratcheting chuck, 2 speed brushed DC motor, extra LED flashlight for those nightly jobs, metal belt hook for on-site accessibility, it doesn’t give you a chance to ignore it. We mean this kit has everything to offer for a perfect drill kit. But does it offers everything you require? Does it meet your standards of work? Read out our full article to get to know about them below.

Key Specifications:

  • 460 in/lbs of torque for those tough jobs
  • 1.5Ah lithium ion sliding batteries which are easy to attach or detach
  • 22 drive settings and 1 drill mode for both high torque and precise applications.
  • ½ inch ratcheting keyless chuck which allows placing the wide range of bits.
  • Variable speed trigger and 2 speed motor for controlling speeds at different applications
Hitachi DS18DSAL
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Quick Overview of Hitachi DS18DSAL18-Volt Drill Driver:

The detailed specifications of the Hitachi DS18DSAL18-Volt Drill Driver are as below:

Product Name

Hitachi DS18DSAL

Item Weight

12.2 pounds

Product Dimensions

7.7 X 3 X 9 inches




18 V Brushed Motor

Power Source



18 Volts

Special Features


Included components


Batteries Included


Batteries Required


Battery Cell Type


Warranty Type

This product is guaranteed by Hitachi’s industry-leading warranty to be free from defect in materials and workmanship for a period of five years from the original purchase date.

Editor Rating


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Key Features of Hitachi DS18DSAL18-Volt Drill Driver:

There are a ton of features to discuss this cool looking Drill driver. Let us go through them one by one to help you understand its worth.

  • Compact lightweight design: Now, how many have you felt sorry about your existing drill driver which weighs like a ton and not at all comfortable to hold. If you are suffering from this problem with your current drill, then it’s time to let it go. This new Hitachi DS18DSAL18-Volt Drill Driver is very compact and easy to hold. Another vital aspect of this design is that this drill just weighs 3.5 pounds which are after adding up battery. So how cool is that this drill is so light to hold and does all the operations, you throw at it quickly. 
  • Superior Grip: One of the astonishing reasons behind this robust design is its super slim grip which allows it to hold without any difficulties. The grip is ergonomic such that it allows a person either with long hands or short hands to hold it very comfortably. With just 7.7 inches in length, this drill allows you to perform any high torque or low torque applications without any strain.  
  • Variable speed motor: The motor which comes inbuilt with this drill driver is an 18V brushed motor. This motor is allowed to vary between two speeds. One ranging between 0 – 350 rpm and other being 0 to 1500 rpm. Since some lightweight applications require lesser torque and contrary to it are high torque applications, this drill kit suits both and eases those drilling or fastening the screw operations. You give it anything whether it is a wood or metal, it just Swift’s through them.
  • Precision control: Now that there is a variable speed control in this drill/driver, it also has 22 different drive settings available. With ½ chuck accepting a wide variety of bits, and with 22 different drive settings, you can control the precision on the DIY or day-to-day operations very easily. This also allows you to have control over the torque so that you don’t waste out most of your energy on the applications which don’t need it.  
  • Additional Accessories: Along with this powerful drill/driver, you also get some exceptionally and handy accessories. The access to drill brushes through this drill is limitless. It is effortless to remove them and place them back. This provides you a definite reason to go on and purchase it immediately. This is all because of the high metal ratcheting chuck that allows swapping the drill brushes quickly. Not only this, it also has a LED light placed just right beneath the operating switch which turns ON automatically when you turn ON the drill for performing operations. This comes really handy when you are performing any operations under low light. Then it also comes with a small metal belt hook attached, that makes your on spot accessibility easier. Apart from these accessories it also comes with a stand alone torch light, that can be connected to the same battery as of drill and is adjustable in five different angle positions. This can be very useful when you are operating at places where holding the drill and lightning cannot come hand in hand. 
  • Battery life: One of the outstanding parts of this drill kit is that it provides two batteries right out of the box and the best part it comes with a quick charger. Each battery has long lasting capabilities and doesn’t run away in between of your works. The charger circuitry designed prevents overheating and manages power loss efficiently. Each Li-ion battery is of 1.5mAH and the charges at 18V. Considering these specs, we can understand that it is high on performance and is easily charged.  
  • Sturdy and rigid: Though being light in weight, compact in design, this drill/driver is adamant and rigid from inside. The materials used in the making up this are sophisticated and hence adds up providing additional torque and speed wherever required. The two-speed variance of the motor allows this driver to perform both high speed and low-speed operations easily. When you need low speed for high torque applications, it will give you that, and when you require high speed during low torque applications such as fastening up small screws, it will make you that.

Technical Specification of Hitachi DS18DSAL18-Volt Drill Driver:

  • Weight: Most important criteria to select any drill is its weight. This drill weighs just 3.5 pounds including the battery attached at its bottom. This makes it lighter in your hands allowing you to do any operations.
  • Dimensions: As we mentioned earlier, the design of this product is sleek and compact. Its length is 7.7 inches, breadth of 3 inches and height of 9 inches. Isn’t that very compact?
  • Motor: The 18v motor attached to this drill is capable of running at two different speeds. The range is from 0 – 350 rpm and 0 – 1500 rpm. It produces 460 in/lbs of maximum torque. This is a brushed DC motor found on many of the other drills in this segment. However, there is also an option of choosing brushless motor which might cost you few more bucks.
  • Battery: Two battery packs come up with this drill kit. Each li-ion battery is of 1.5 mAH charging at 18v. These batteries are long lasting and can perform operations all day long. Also, these batteries don’t lose the charge when left aside for like overnight.
  • Charger: The 18V charger which comes with this drill is a quick charger. The battery charger circuitry present in this charger prevents the battery from draining easily and also charges the battery fully within 3 hours.
  • Drive settings: 22 different chuck settings are available for the user to select from. Also, it comes with one drill setting, which allows to take out the bit from chuck quickly.
  • Chuck: The ½ inch chuck that comes with this drill allows rapid movement and holding of various tool bits quickly. As is expected from any high-end power tool, this ½ inch chuck can hold any bits for performing operations.
  • Switches: One switch is present on the head of the drill which allows you to switch between different speeds. Then there is a trigger that allows you to run the drill. One latch is present on the bottom for connecting and disconnecting the battery.
  • Driver bit: The Philips driver bit which along with this drill is required to transfer the torque from the drill to the object of which you are carrying out the operation. This driver bit is interchangeable with any other drill bits.
Hitachi DS18DSAL
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What Comes With it?

Once you order this robust drill/driver and open up the box, this is what you find inside it.

  • One Hitachi DS18DSAL18-Volt Drill Driver
  • One Stand alone flashlight
  • Two 1.5mAH lithium Ion slide batteries
  • One Quick charger supporting the above batteries
  • One Dual tipped Philips driver bit
  • One Sturdy Carrying case
  • One shoulder carrying strap
  • One Study Manual
  • One Warranty Card


  • Powerful 18V Motor: Most versatile part of this drill/driver is this 18V motor which is operable at two different speeds. This brushed 18V DC Motor is capable of providing high torque as well as high speed wherever required. It receives the charge from the 1.5mAH Li-ion battery attached at the bottom. This powerful DC motor is capable of performing drill operations on any material that you throw at it. Whether it is a wood or metal or concrete or even masonry, it will ease out through them. There is also an option of adding up brushless DC motor to this drill kit which will increase the efficiency and will reduce the noise that comes out of this motor.
  • Long-lasting Batteries: The batteries that come along with this Drill are 1.5mAH Li-ion batteries that can be coupled with an 18V DC quick charger. The charging circuitry in this batteries is so robust that it prevents heating up the batteries and draining them quickly. The batteries are definitely durable and will not drain up throughout your entire day of work. They are also capable of quick charging, thanks to the quick charger that comes bundled in the kit, allowing the battery to be charged within 3 hours.
  • Design at its best: If you’re looking for something that is light in weight, comfortable to hold and gives you superior grip then this drill/driver is the one for you. The compact design as we mentioned earlier is ergonomic to hold for different kind of hands. The design language appeals to me so much that I can’t ignore the fact that it is just 7 inches in length and 9 inches in height, that suits me perfectly.  
  • Chuck and drive Settings: There is a total of 22 different chuck drive settings to choose from. You can vary them as per your needs as it allows to take control and get precise cutting even through the edges. The ½ inch ratcheting chuck with the high-quality plastic cover in itself is robust and allows you to remove it easily and place any drill bit without any hassles.
  • Accessories that add up worth: Providing additional accessories has become a tradition now. Every manufacturer is offering some other accessory that helps you in one or another way. However, providing an accessory that helps you is essential, and this Hitachi Drill driver does exactly that for you. It gives an additional flashlight, a standalone torch light that can be angled in five different positions and an additional metal belt hook with a shoulder carrying strap that comes handy at you’re on the job spots.
  • Warranty: One of the most appealing pros of Hitachi and its power tools is that they are strong and Hitachi tells you that they are capable of long lasting. That is why they provide a lifetime warranty when you purchase this drill. What does this mean? This means that they give you 5-year warranty free from defect in materials and workmanship from the original purchase date. Apart from this you also get 2-year warranty on the battery which we believe is extraordinary and none of the other manufacturers guarantee you that.


  • Brushless DCmotor: Now, this option doesn’t come as standard and instead you have to spend some extra dollars to have brushless DC motor with this drill. If you are wondering what the use of having the brushless motor is, then here are few of its advantages: • The Efficiency of brushless DC motor is more compared to brush DC motor. • Above point means, that the torque which is produced from the motor will not be lost in the form of heat. • Noise coming out of the motor will be minimal • Comparatively higher cost than brushed DC motor
  • Confusing LED indicator on Charger: There is a small LED indicator present on the quick charger that comes along with the drill. The LED indicator blinks when the charger is turned ON without the battery attached, however, when the battery placed on the charger, the LED turns solid which in my opinion is a bit confusing, making users think there is something wrong with the charger. Instead, the LED would have been just allowed to turn solid when the battery is placed which or even some other color indicator would have been helpful.
  • No Built in Bit storage: There is no built in bit storage which can allow you to store more number of bits over the drill/driver. This might be useful for some and for some it might be a negligible option.
  • No delay in the flash from LED: When you trigger the drill switch, the LED light flashes ON which is a beneficial feature, but there is no delay for the time interval it stays ON and turns OFF quickly meaning within few seconds. The delay to wait for at least 3-4 seconds would have been a great add-on.
  • No Battery level indicator: Okay, we understand that it sounds mean but this is a premium drill kit, and we expected everything from this drill to be perfect. So there is no battery charge or level indicator neither on the drill or the battery nor on the charger which would have helped the user to understand the status of battery so that they can recharge it. However, the battery is durable which allows us to forget about this.
Hitachi DS18DSAL
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Video Review of Hitachi DS18DSAL Drill Driver

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s):

1. Does this drill operate in reverse?

A: Yes, it operates in reverse allowing you to fasten or unfasten the fasteners easily

2. Do the batteries also have a lifetime warranty?

A: As per the manual provided by Hitachi, the warranty for the drill lasts for lifetime and the warranty for battery is for 2 years.

3. Can it be used with the connecting cord as well?

A: Since this is a cordless drill, you cannot actually connect cord directly to the drill and start using. Instead, you can charge up the battery connect to the bottom of it and start using.

4. What is the charger voltage and is it universal?

A: The voltage which is acceptable for this charger is 120 volts. It is not universal and perhaps requires an adapter to connect.

5. How many batteries accompanies the drill?

A: There are two 1.5mAH li-ion batteries inside the kit. Both can be used on the drill and also to the flash torch that comes along with it.

6. Is there any indication of the battery level?

A: No, there is no indicator for the battery level. Neither on the drill or on the charger which is also one of the drawbacks of this drill.

7. Does it come with a hard case or soft case?

A: It comes with a hard case which is very sturdy and easy to carry.

8. The Weight of the drill is 3.5 pounds? Does that include the battery?

A: Yes, the weight of the drill including the battery is 3.5 pounds

9. Does the standalone flash light have to be purchased separately?

A: No, it comes along with the drill kit free of purchase to everyone.

10. Is that lifetime warranty limited to 5 years?

A: Hitachi says that it gives lifetime warranty for the tools that comes along with this drill/driver. According to warranty description, it is 5 years of defect free tool which in my guess should be more than what is required.

Hitachi DS18DSAL
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There are different reasons, and various options users look for before purchasing a good drill kit. Some manufacturers concentrate on niche class of audience whereas some focus on every level of the audience. So considering that this drill driver from Hitachi, the Hitachi DS18DSAL18-Volt Drill Driver tick marks almost every feature that you expect from a good drill.

With its fantastic design, easy to hold grip and ergonomic structure, this drill is apt to many conditions or applications. Long lasting battery, quick charger to recharge your batteries quickly, super durable yet lightweight materials, additional accessories that come along with it just make this drill, certainly appealing to masses. Also coming with two different speed motor and 22 different chuck settings and a flash LED supporting that, you cannot ask for more.

In our opinion, this is certainly one of the best 18V drills you can spend your hard-earned money on. With trust in Hitachi and innovation their products carry, you can plainly rely upon them. If you are looking for a premium device to be replaced in your garage or workshop with your old cord drill or heavy cordless drill, then this cordless drill is the one you should purchase without any doubt in your mind.

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