DEWALT DWD210G 10-Amp Pistol-Grip Drill Review

Home improvement and maintenance is something that we all need to do from time to time. Without having the appropriate tools and equipment, repair can be a difficult and even impossible task. Good quality tools are the key to a fast, efficient, and satisfying job at any kind of home repair task.

A hand-held drill is one of the most important tools you will need whether you’re working to add new fittings or looking to repair something in your house or garage. A quality drill like the DEWALT DWD210G can be your tool of choice for any kind of drilling or fastening tasks. The drill comes with a range of useful features, it is easy to use, and it is a highly durable piece of equipment that will last you for years to come.

Made by DEWALT, a company with an extensive history in making quality tools for home or professional usage. The tools and accessories offered by DEWALT excel in every field of comparison with any other brand.

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In this article, we are going to review the DEWALT DWD210G 10-Amp Pistol-Grip Drill and we’ll take a look at the features, specifications, pros and cons of using this drill as well. By the end of this article, you will get to know much more about this excellent device. Let’s have a quick look at the technical specifications of this drill.

Quick Technical Specifications Overview for DEWALT DWD210G 10-Amp Pistol-Grip Drill

Product Name

DEWALT DWD210G 10-Amp Pistol-Grip Drill



Model Number



13.13 x 10.25 x 3.25 in


6.9 pounds



Power Source

Corded- Electric


120 Volts


Three-year limited warranty, one-year free service, 90-day money-back guarantee

Included Accessories


Editor’s Rating


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Key Features of DEWALT DWD210G 10-Amp Pistol-Grip Drill

  • Powerful Device – The drill operates on 10 AMP of power and it works flawlessly when it comes to drilling holes in any kind of surface. When you use this drill, not only will you feel the power but also realize the increased performance compared to any other drill you have used before this.
  • Easy to Use – The drill is designed for easy usage and it comes with an ergonomic grip and two finger rubber trigger that makes use easy. The side grip provided with the drill allows for comfortable hand positions that add to user comfort. With variable speed, you can better control the level of holes you want to drill.
  • Highly Versatile – The drill is a versatile piece of equipment and you can use it drill holes in any kinds of surface, from wood to steel. You can use different kinds of drill bits for a better experience in drilling through a surface. The keyed ½ inch chuck offers a better grip so that the bit doesn’t slip.
  • Durable – The drill is made from quality materials and it is highly durable as long as you’re using it for intended purposes. The 10-AMP motor is made by DEWALT and it can be used for long hours without any decrease in its power. The metal gear housing further adds to its durability.
  • Accurate – The drill is designed to be highly accurate whether you’re drilling holes in wood or steel. By attaching the right kind of bit, you can use it for sawing holes as well. The side handle of the drill offers a better way to control the drill.
  • Lightweight – Weighing in at only 4.9 pounds, the drill is easy to handle for long hours without feeling fatigued or tired. The drill is also perfectly balanced so that you won’t feel the drill moving unnecessarily when you’re drilling holes.
  • Safety – The drill comes with a range of features that add to its overall safety while in use. The two-finger trigger and variable speed add to the safety quotient. The durable construction of the drill is another one of its safety features that make it an ideal tool for any garage.
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Full Technical Specifications of DEWALT DWD210G 10-Amp Pistol-Grip Drill

  • Heavy Duty — The 10-AMP motor is perfect for all kinds of drilling tasks. It provides ample power to drill through steel, wood or any other surface. The biggest benefit of such a powerful motor is that it adds to the efficiency of working on your projects.
  • Variable Speed — The high powered drill works with variable speed to ensure you can work easily with any kind of surface. This is especially useful when you need additional precision while working as you can use the drill at the speed that feels right for the job at hand.
  • Locking Handle — The handle of the drill locks on as you’re working with the drill to provide a more secure and safe way to work. It also adds to the maneuverability while drilling holes in the walls. You can securely hold the drill while working on hard surfaces and rest assured the drill would not move from the designated point.
  • High RPM — Having a high RPM device at hand can be really advantageous and the DWD210G offers speed from 0-1200 RPM which is ideal for most drilling jobs in and around the house. This boost in performance also means you can use the drill as per the RPM that is ideal for the job.
  • Metal Gear Housing — The drill is housed in a metal gear housing which translates to added durability and functionality while using this drill. Even if you drop the drill from a short height, it won’t get damaged easily. The reliability and durability of the drill surely adds to the peace of mind of users.
  • Overload Protection — The motor of the drill is designed in a way that it helps to prevent overload on the drill. In case you use the drill beyond its capacity the motor will prevent the drill from burning out and suffering any permanent damage.
  • Small Size — The drill is not very large which makes it easy to carry around in the workshop or around the house. Even with the small size, the kind of power and performance that the drill provides has to be seen to be believed. You will cruise through your home maintenance tasks easily with the DWD210G drill.


  • Overload Circuit – The drill comes with an overload circuit that prevents the drill from heating up when it comes under too much load. The overload circuit temporarily disables the drill and you can restart it once it cools down a bit. This is especially useful when you’re working on some heavy task.
  • Durable Construction – The drill is encased in durable material that it is ideal for use in and around the house. Minor drops will not harm the drill at all and you can rest assured the drill will work fine even after a bit of rough usage.
  • Locking Handle – The locking handle of the drill is an additional advantage for better control and ease of use. You can hold it in position with the locking handle without worrying about the drill budging from place.
  • Comfortable Operation – The drill is perfect for dual handed use and it comfortable to hold for long periods or while doing some heavy drilling in wood or steel. The drill doesn’t get in the way of your work, but its efficiency only helps you to work faster.
  • Powerful Performance – With a ten AMP motor, the drill offers a powerful performance for all applications. You will be able to drill holes faster, more easily, and without any hassle every time you use the drill. The DWD210G will not only save your time, it will also add ease to your workflow.
  • Extensive Warranty – This drill comes with an extensive three year warranty and a 90 day money back guarantee. This is especially useful in the rare case anything goes wrong with the device or if you don’t like it for any reason, you can always get it replaced or repaired by the official repair teams.
  • Varied Applications – The applications of this drill are varied and you can do a lot of things with this drill. From drilling holes in steel and wood to fastening screws and more. All you need to do is use the appropriate drill bit for the job and your work will be done efficiently.


  • The Weight — For those who are not used to handling heavy gadgets, the weight can be a bit of a problem. While it is easy to pick up, once you switch it on you need to be really careful in handling the drill as it can drill in the wrong place if held lightly.
  • RPM — The lowest RPM of the drill is 400-600 and not 0 as mentioned in its catalog. This is because of a design of the drill but it makes working on fine holes a difficult task as you’d ideally want a lower RPM for drilling fine holes or fastening screws.
  • Quick Start — Even though the drill is stated for variable speed, the initial speed of the drill is too high for comfortable operation. It also means one should be extra careful while operating the drill to prevent any injuries as the drill starts very quickly.
  • No Trigger Lock — The drill does not come with a trigger lock that can help to use the drill without the need of holding the trigger with your finger.
  • One hand use is difficult — As the drill is a bit on the heavier side, using it with one hand becomes impossible. For proper control and grip, you need to use both hands to hold the drill in place while you’re using it.
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Included Accessories

  • 360-degree locking side handle with soft grip
  • Chuck key with holder

Video Review of DWD210G 1/2″ (13MM) VSR PISTOL GRIP DRILL 

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Customers often have questions and queries about a product. Here are some of the common questions and queries asked by prospective customers regarding DEWALT DWD210G 10-Amp Pistol-Grip Drill.

Q1. What is the amperage of this drill’s motor?

Ans. The drill has a 10 AMP motor that delivers excellent performance for all your wood or steel drilling needs in the house.

Q2. How does the overload protection work?

Ans. The overload protection shuts off the drill for a bit once the onboard computer finds the drill is getting heated up too quickly. You can restart the drill once it’s cooled down and that’s less than a minute of time. This feature prevents your drill from burning out when it’s under heavy load.

Q3. Does the drill start at 0 RPM?

Ans. While in the instructions, it’s listed as 0 RPM start, the actual start of the drill is somewhere from 400-600 RPM. So make sure you use the drill accordingly without using it for any tasks that require a lower initial RPM.

Q4. Can I use this drill to drill holes in concrete?

Ans. This drill is not designed for drilling holes in concrete. You will not do a good job of it and you might end up damaging the drill bits. If you’re looking to drill holes in concrete, you need to get a hammer drill or a higher powered device.

Q5. How can I adjust the RPM while drilling holes?

Ans. There is no switch as such, but you can use the two stage trigger button to adjust the RPM. The longer you hold the switch, the faster the RPMs will be. Once you start working, you will get a feel for it and you will be able to work accordingly.

Q6. What is the power supply needed for this drill?

Ans. The power supply needed for this drill is 110V.

Q7. Can I use this drill to make holes in tree stumps?

Ans. Yes, the drill is perfect for working with wood and it will take you no time to drill any kind of holes you want in tree stumps.

Q8. I have to do some work in tight spaces and I am not sure if I want to use the handle. Is it removable?

Ans. Yes, if you’re working in some place where adding the handle is not a possibility, you can easily remove it.

Q9. What is the level of vibration when using this drill?

Ans. It has a normal level of vibration as with any other drill and it’s not too much to be a bother.

Q10. What is the origin of this drill?

Ans. This drill is made in the USA.

Q11. Does this drill come with a chuck key?

Ans. Yes. The drill has a chuck key included in the accessories that come with it.

Q12. What is the max RPM of this drill?

Ans. The max RPM of this drill is 1200. But be mindful that you can’t use the drill for too long at the max power as it can and will heat up the drill. It’s only meant to be used for short bursts of drilling.

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If you’re looking for a powerful corded drill that will do the job without any fuss, then this is the ideal unit for you. Whether you use the drill for house work or for professional jobs, this is one piece of equipment that will impress you in all areas. The DWD210G is made from high quality materials that add to its durability. The drill offers impressive and powerful performance with its high RPM movement. The light weight of the drill means it is easy to carry and use for long periods of time.

The two stage trigger on the DWD210G makes all operations easier as you can control the speed of the drill as per the requirements of the task at hand. This drill also comes with a 360 degree rotating handle that can be fixed to the drill and used for added precision and control. What’s more, you also get an extensive 3 year warranty with the drill that covers any damage or malfunction as long the drill is used as recommended by the manufacturer. This innovative and advanced drill will surely make it easy for you to work in and around your house. Whether it is a new project or you’re adding finishing touches to an old project, you can always make use of a heavy-duty drill that is reliable and efficient.

We hope this article has helped you to get a better understanding of how this drill works and the features that make it one of the best drills in the market. For more information on drills and related accessories, please browse through our blog. You can also leave your comments and feedback in the comments section and we’ll reply to you at the earliest.

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