Bosch 11264EVS SDS-Max Combination Hammer

Usually drilling through materials like concrete, stucco or tiles becomes a real tough job until it’s done by a proper tool which can provide maximum thrust and also provide you the require the deep hole through the materials as mentioned above correctly. There are some power tools available in the market which can perform the job. However, there are pretty much high chances you get confused from what to choose.

So here we are with a combination hammer named as Bosch 11264EVS 1-⅝ SDS-Max Combination hammer which is very powerful and efficient tool that consists of some trademark innovative technologies running on it. In the below article, we discuss various features of this combination hammer, why is it unique from others? What are its positives and what are not so good about this drill? We then finally provide a final verdict about the hammer which will overview these details and help you in making the purchase decision.

Bosch 11264EVS
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Bosch 11264EVS 1-⅝ SDS-Max Combination hammer is one deadly hammer with features power-packed in its compact design that is really helpful and comes handy while using them. This drill has an unmatched power to weight ratio of producing impact energy of 8.1 ft.-lbs. The reason for providing such a devastating power is the powerful 13 Ah motor packed inside it.

There are two modes in which this drill can be used. One is regular hammer only mode and the other being rotary hammer mode. These two are supplied using a 120V voltage source. This hammer is supported by a one hand tool SDS Max technology system that allows users to change bits easily thereby increasing the productivity at the job site.

This hammer is also capable of producing 20 percent more torque when operating in hammer only mode and the Bosch’s trademark constant response circuitry makes it easier to maintain speed under load and overload protection. Of course, there will be a lot of vibrations while using this tool since it is working with heavy materials.

However, no worries as the Bosch has incorporated Active vibration control mechanism which controls the vibrations for the user and at the grip area thereby providing the maximum convenience and comfort level while using the tool. There is a lot to talk about these technologies in detail. Continue reading the article as you will get to know how different and unique these technologies from Bosch are.

Quick Overview of Bosch 11264EVS 1-⅝ SDS-Max Combination hammer:

Product Name

Bosch 11264EVS

Part Number


Package weight

25.6 pounds

Power source

Corded Electric


120 volts

Included Components


Chuck Size

1-⅝ inches

Chuck Type

SDS – Max

Product Weight

15.2 lbs

Drill/Driver Type

Rotary drill

Batteries included


Batteries required


Warranty Description

1 year manufacturer warranty and 30 day money back guarantee

Editor’s rating


Product Link

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Key Features of Bosch 11264EVS 1-⅝ SDS-Max Combination hammer:

There are some of the best outlining features in this combination hammer, and we have highlighted those features below.

  • Superb Power to weight ratio: Many of the combination hammers suffer at this part. They are ready to provide you the maximum power required but will also be very heavy. This impact hammer from Bosch just overcomes that problem. It has an unmatched power to weight ratio which gives out 8.1 Ft-Lbs. Of impact energy. Thanks to the massive 13 Amp motor plugged in this hammer which delivers that enormous power. All this package just weighs 14.3 pounds that makes it low weight compared to the competition. Also, the hammer produces 20% more power when operated in hammer only mode thereby giving that extra thrust required when working with tough materials.
  • Feasibility in mode selection: Not only this combination hammer is compact in its design, but there are also two different modes which allow you to switch the hammer based on the operation you are carrying out. The two separate ways are rotary hammer mode and hammer only mode which allows drilling across various materials like concrete, masonry, tiles quickly.
  • Constant speed under different loads: The trademark technology from Bosch in this hammer is its constant response circuitry that allows the hammer to maintain speed under load and overload protection. So whether you are drilling or hammering against old concrete or new concrete or other materials, this system provides you the maximum speed with the help of Auto max variable speed dial such that the particular operation is carried out efficiently.
  • Vario Lock Positioning: Vario lock positioning is the system incorporated in this hammer which rotates and locks the chisel into 12 different positions thus helping to ensure the drill bit is fitted in properly and the drill hole is properly made through the material.
  • Controlled vibration: Uncontrolled vibration is also a widespread problem which many of the other hammers in the market suffer, and that is they vibrate so much that the user has to wear protective glasses and gloves every time they use their power tool. This is not the case with Bosch 11264EVS, as the active vibration control system Bosch takes care of vibrations both of the hammer body and grip area thereby allowing the user to work for extended periods without much of fatigue.
  • SDS Max technology: SDS Max technology is again the trademark technology from Bosch which makes the hammer easy to use by one hand and makes the changing bit process easier. This technology makes the tool to be compact and all the internal materials to cover up the small gaps and thereby reducing the overall dimensions of the hammer. Thus, you can use the drill efficiently at your workplace without feeling any pain when you return to your home.
Bosch 11264EVS
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Technical Specifications of Bosch 11264EVS 1-⅝ SDS-Max Combination hammer:

  • Weight: The weight of this hammer is just 14.3 pounds thereby making it lighter compared to the competition and hence helping the user to operate smoothly without much burden.
  • Dimensions: The dimensions of this hammer are pretty much compact. The depth of the hammer is 19.25 inches; the height is 10.5 inches and width of the hammer is 4 inches.
  • Chuck Size: The Chuck presented in this hammer is of 1-⅝ inch and hence allows you to place a different kind of drill bits. The drill bits whose shank size lies below 1-⅝ inches can be used as the bit in this hammer.
  • Speed: The maximum speed at which this hammer will run is 340 rpm and the lowest being 170 rpm which is understandable because you will be running against heavy materials and this speed will justify it.
  • Motor: The motor present in this hammer is of 13 Amps which is massive and perhaps required as the power expected as the outcome from this hammer is also high.
  • Blows: As you might be aware, the critical component for the hammer is some blows it delivers per minute. This hammer can produce 1700 to 2900 bpm at no load condition.
  • Power source: This is a corded hammer which most of the other hammers in the market also are and is needed to be connected to a 120V DC source that triggers the electric circuitry inside this hammer to work.
  • Depth Gauge and holder: There is also a 360-degree rotatable handle that comes along with the hammer which helps you to hold the hammer in rigid position while at work. Also, there is a depth gauge attached to it that helps you to measure the depth of the hole as necessary.

What comes inside the box?

Below are the particulars which comes inside the kit of this combination hammer.

  • One Bosch 11264EVS 1-⅝ SDS-Max Combination hammer
  • One 360-degree auxiliary side handle
  • A carrying case


  • Maximum power in compact design: One of the outstanding features because of which many of the consumers like this hammer is its power production at its less bulky design. The hammer is mighty and produces an output of 8.1 Ft-lbs. Of impact energy when worked against any tough materials. This powerful effect is all because of the 13 Amp battery which resides in this hammer that makes it a sturdy and powerful hammer to use for heavy torque applications.
  • Companion chuck: The design and the materials utilized in this hammer are so compact and carefully chosen that not only makes the entire hammer weight less but also makes it user-friendly. The Chuck present in this hammer is of size 1-⅝ inches that allow you to put in any drill bits whose shank size lies below the diameter of this magnitude can be used to drill holes. Because of this Chuck, the maximum diameter size that can be drilled through this hammer is 4.125 inches which are pretty good for an optimum hammer of this kind.
  • Trademark technologies: As we discussed earlier, this combination hammer is full of trademark technologies boasted by Bosch. It includes one hand SDS Max technology that allows you to hold the drill single handily and change the drill bits from other. Constant Response Circuitry maintains the speed and protects the hammer from overload. Turbo Power technology enhances the performance of hammer and produces 20 percent more power when operated in hammer only mode. Vario-Lock ™ positioning rotates and locks the chisel into 12 different positions. Auto Max ™ variable speed dial ensures maximum speed every time the tool is turned on, and Service Minder ™ light indicates when preventive maintenance is required, and the last thing is patented cord turret that reduces cable wear since it is a power connected hammer.
  • Warranty and satisfied consumer base: As we expect from any power tool, this hammer also carries a standard one-year manufacturer warranty which will cover almost any kind of repairs that you face during that period. Another interesting advantage is the customers who have purchased this hammer till now have been very much satisfied with the performance of this hammer and the ratings from consumers on various shopping sites proves that fact.


  • Lacks reverse speed option: This powerful hammer lacks an option to run in reverse speed or manner. This option comes handy when you are drilling a deep hole through a thick material and to take the hammer out; the reverse gear mechanism can benefit a lot. However, this is again not a deal breaker as some actually neglect this fact.
  • Power consumer: Okay, this is again not a major setback as you can say that a 13 Amp hammer tool to drill large diameter holes in concrete will consume more power. More power means more electricity required for the motor to throw out that needed power, and hence we say that it is an energy consuming tool. Not only this as with all combination hammers, but this hammer also does produce dark sound.
Bosch 11264EVS
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s):

1. How large a core bit can this hammer handle?

A: This can handle the holes up to a diameter of 4.125 inches.

2. Does this hammer overheats while chipping or drilling through the tiles?

A: No, the hammer doesn’t overheats during such operations against tiles. However, it is advised to a 2-3 seconds break or switch between modes while drilling continuously.

3. What is the power supply required for this hammer?

A: It works on only 110V DC source.

4. Is it good to work with this drill over ladders at height range of 6 ft?

A: Well, the cord length is around 5.4 meters and hence you can use it at your own risk for small drills, however, it is not advised to use at such heights without proper safety.

5. Does the kit include any bits?

A: No, the kit doesn’t include any bits. You are advised to purchase the Bosch’s recommended SDS Max bits for best outcome.

Bosch 11264EVS
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Carrying out the drilling or hammering operations against the materials like concrete, masonry, tiles, stucco or any such known materials is a harsh and tedious task. When you are using power tools, they should be selected in such a way that they give out the maximum performance as well as light in weight. Bosch 11264EVS 1-⅝ SDS Max combination hammer does the same for you.

With its path breaking power to weight ratio and with the help of a 13 amp motor, it can produce an enormous 8.1 ft.-pound of impact energy which will carry out all your studious tasks efficiently and qualitatively. The balance of features and affordable pricing makes this hammer a ready to go tool and can be easily chosen without much doubts over its performance. All the trademark technologies embedded by Bosch in this hammer have their particular purpose and will not let you down during any heavy duty operations.

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