Black & Decker BDCDMT120-2 20-volt Matrix Drill

For any work related to wood, metal or plastic, it involves a lot of drilling, hammering or filling up the screw related works. There could be many such instances where in you require multiple tool support or multiple screw sizes that have to be drilled. It is not affordable to have a drill kit for every substantial drill size and different tools for different operations. With long lasting battery, refined hand grip and modular head holder that allows to hold different heads, this Black & Decker BDCDMT120-2 20-volt Matrix Drill is one such fabulous drill kit that is also affordable.


Black & Decker BDCDMT120-2 20-Volt MAX Lithium-Ion Matrix Drill with 2 Batteries

In the year 1910, two men had a dream and vision accompanying that. Setting that dream as their only goal, S. Duncan Black and Alonzo G. Decker started their machine shop in Baltimore. They started building machines for making milk bottle caps and candy dipping. Currently, the company is known for its innovative machinery products. Introducing to the world, the first cordless electric drill, Black and Decker also excels in various other machinery products like Lawn movers, home cleaning products, and other small appliances.

Quick Overview of Black & Decker BDCDMT120-2 

Product name

Black & Decker BDCDMT120-2 20-Volt


5.7 pounds


1 lithium ion Battery

Power source

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20 volts

Number of Handles


Included Components


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Battery Cell type



2 years limited warranty

Product Dimensions

12.5 X 3.6 X 9.5 inches

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Black & Decker BDCDMT120-2 20-volt Matrix Drill is one of those drill kits which maximizes its uses because of the Matrix Quick Connect System. This system allows users to change the drills for various purposes as and when required. This modular system serves as a purpose of changing the drill holders with some other compatible tools. There are 11 different compatible accessories for this drill.

This drill kit weighs just 5.7 pounds because of its light and compact design structure. The drill kit mainly consists of a 20V Drill Unit, Driver/Drill head attachment, 20V Max lithium ion battery, 20V Max Charger.

The drill unit is designed in a unique manner such that it allows the user to have nice and comfortable grip along with meeting to its purpose. Its battery capacity is just phenomenal. The 20V battery which comes along with this Driver Kit is capable of holding charge up to 18 months and can operate for around 8 hours on a single charge. This multi-functional tool also comes with a 20V charger which can charge up the battery in very less time.

It has ⅜ inch chuck size and ten different clutch settings, which are ideal for any drilling or driving activities. Apart from this, there are many such things which are primary reasons that can lure to buy this drill kit. Find out them below:

Before deep diving about this Driver kit, let us have some detailed look on its specifications.

Key Features of Black & Decker BDCDMT120-2 20-volt Matrix Drill:

Black & Decker BDCDMT120 Matrix Drill

There are certainly some useful features of this drill and below we walk you through all different features and their best functionalities in detail.

They are the bunch of modules that can be connected to the head of this powerful drill kit. Other than this, Black & Decker are also planning to add much more to this successful lineup. You can also learn about these attachments from their official website here.

Full Technical Specifications of Black & Decker BDCDMT120-2 Matix Drill:

Black & Decker BDCDMT120 20-Volt MAX Lithium-Ion Matrix Drill

Below are the detailed specifications and working of each and every part of this drill kit.

  • Weight
    The weight of this drill is just 5.7 pounds along with battery which makes it very easy to hold and doesn’t puts up enough strength on a user.
  • Dimensions of the product
    The dimensions of this drill kit are 12.5 inches in length, 3.6 inches in breadth and 9.5 inches in length. Though the dimensions are not such aesthetic, the drill is designed swiftly.
  • Motor
    The motor is of 20 V max power and is capable of running at maximum speeds required during a variety of applications.
  • Power source
    The maximum voltage that is required for this drill kit is 20V and hence it can be recharged using the normal output coming from any commercial space.
  • Motor
    The high-speed motor that comes along with this drill kit is capable of ranging between 0-800 rpm and runs at the same voltage of 20 V max.
  • Battery
    The 20V max lithium ion batteries that accompany this drill kit are capable of holding charge up to 18 hours. Also, the charger comes along with drill kit can be useful in recharging battery easily.
  • Chuck
    The ⅜ inch size chuck available at the head of this drill allows for long lasting battery. This chuck allows the battery to work continuously for at least 8 hours.
  • Clutch Settings
    There are 10 different clutch settings available with this drill kit.
  • Switches
    There are two basic switches placed on this drill kit. One switch is at the head which allows replacing them with various other attachments. Another one is placed at the bottom which acts as a latch for connecting or disconnecting the battery.
  • Double Ended Tip
    There is one double ended tip placed at the end of the drill handle. This can be positioned at the drill head and comes in handy for doing some simple DIY operations.

What comes inside the Box?

  • One Black & Decker BDCDMT120-2 20-volt max Matrix lithium-ion drill-driver
  • One 20-volt max base power unit
  • One drill-driver attachment
  • Two 20-volt max lithium-ion batteries
  • One 20-volt max charger
  • One double-ended bit tip

Good Things about Black & Decker BDCDMT120-2 20-volt Matrix Drill

There are some definite reasons to look out for before buying Black & Decker BDCDMT120-2 20-volt Matrix Drill.

  • Matrix Quick Connect System:
    One of the most fantastic features of this drill kit is its modularity concept. If you are holding a shop or trying multiple wood, metal related operations at your home or commercial space, this system might help you drastically. This not only cut down your costs but also saves a lot of your space in your inventory.
  • Battery:
    Massive 20V 30mAH lithium-ion battery is capable of holding the charge for around 18 hours for your day-to-day operations; the battery can work for the whole day without hiccups or necessity to recharge it again.
  • Compact and portable Design:
    Providing such a supreme power and reducing your efforts while performing operations, and still managing a little workspace is highly experienced work. This is what is managed very well in this drill kit. Its compact and portable design are worth considering before buying it.
  • Maximum Speed:
    This robust design and motor which lies under this drill kit allow to deliver a top speed of up to 800 rpm. For your various applications, wherein it requires high speed as well as power then this drill kit is ideal for those.

Bad Things about Black & Decker BDCDMT120-2 20-volt Matrix Drill

Black & Decker BDCDMT120

Though there are some noticeable features for this drill kit, of course, there are some downsides as well. Below are some cons about this drill.

  • Variable speeds:
    There is no denying the fact that this device works awesome at major speeds. However, for some applications, you require variable speeds and this device is not suitable at those times.
  • Charger not up to the mark:
    Though the charger is 20V max charger, the time it takes to fill up that massive 20V Li-ion battery is high. Perhaps, if you are going to work with this drill kit tomorrow, then you have to put this in charge for overnight.
  • No Charge Indicator:
    For some this might be a negligible feature, however considering the above impact, it makes us realize that if there had been a charge indicator, then it could have been of great help.

Video Review of Black & Decker BDCDMT120 Matrix Drill

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s):

1. What is the battery type that comes along with this drill kit?

A: The battery is LBXR20 20V TYPE 1 30Wh

2. Does this drill kit charger operate at 220V?

A: No, this drill kit charger is allowed to be charged at 110V.

3. Does the battery on this drill kit is superior to other Nickel-cadmium batteries?

A: Yes, since the battery which is used in this drill kit is of Li-ion, the battery holds good amount of charge for longer time and is definitely work more powerful than Ni-Cd batteries.

4. Are there any switches to change speed?

A: No, there are no switch to change the speeds for this kit. It operates at maximum speed which ranges from 0-800 rpm

5. Will this come up with any drill bit arrangements?

A: No, there are no specific drill bit arrangements that comes along with this. However, the standard drill bits will work fine with this. A double-ended bit tip comes along with the kit

6. Does the matrix attachments come with this kit?

A: There are no matrix attachments mentioned above with this kit. You have to purchase them separately.


If you are looking for some strong yet compact machine that can perform all your day-to-day DIY operations with ease then this machine can be of great use. Because of its modular functionality, it allows various modules that can be connected to the head of this drill and hence reduces cost in purchasing another drill kit for that particular purpose.

For the price, it is offers tremendous power and never make you feel burden of having it. Though there are certain features which are lagging like variable speed switches or battery charging capability of the charger, if you can neglect them or those features doesn’t bother you, then a definite thumb-up for this drill.

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