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If you are owning a workshop or are planning to setup a new workshop and are looking for some best quality power tools then you must read this article. Most important tool or the priority tool which you should immediately purchase for your workshop is a cordless compact drill/driver. Your workshop would still remain empty if you don’t have this.

Either it is a small project or big project or even a DIY operation that you’re working on, the cordless drill is quite important. To ease out the burden of picking up the best cordless drill based on your purpose, we got some top 10 power drills which are most appropriate for most of the applications.


Comparison Chart of Best Power Drills: 

Product Name


Speed Range

Product Weight

Chuck Size

Editor Rating

Product Link

best power drill

300 unit watts

0-450 rpm

0-1500 rpm

3.6 pounds

1/2" inch


Black & Decker LD120VA

300 in-lbs

0-750 rpm

4.2 pounds

3/8" inch


DEWALT DC970K-2 power drill

380 unit watts

0-450 rpm

0-1500 rpm


1/2" inch


BLACK+DECKER LDX120C power drill

115 in-lbs

0-650 rpm

2.5 pounds

3/8" inch





9.4 lbs (total weight)

3/8" inch


Milwaukee 2691-22 18-Volt Compact Drill

400 in-lbs

0-400 RPM

0-1800 RPM

2.9 pounds

1/2" inch


Makita CT226

250 in-lbs

0-450 rpm

0-1700 rpm

2.8 lbs

3/8" inch


Hitachi DS18DGL

400 in-lbs

0-450 rpm

0-1250 rpm

3.7 pounds

1/2" inch



330 unit watts

0-400 rpm

0-1600 rpm

3.5 lbs

1/2" inch



128 in-lbs

0-1200 rpm

3.9 lbs

3/8" inch


How Does a Power Drill Work?

Power drills unlike impact drivers which produce hammer action, are simpler to use and have some definite purpose in your workshop. Power drills are the simple drills which uses a trigger to run the motor present inside it which in turn runs the drill bit or screwdriver bit attached to the chuck. This when rammed through the materials, produce the required effect.

As simple as they work, there are some sophisticated mechanisms incorporated by every brand to get the best out of a drill. There are cordless as well as corded drills. There are heavy weight drills as well as lightweight or general purpose drills. So before choosing the drill you must consider all these parameters. More details on how to choose a drill for your purpose are below.

Things to Consider Before Making a Purchase:

Power drills/drivers can be easily taken in hand from the store and since they look good can be taken home. However, it is worth considering to go through the user manual or prescription of details on the kit. This enables you to choose the best for your need and saves your unnecessary expenditure.

  • What kind of applications you are buying power drill for?
    Basically, there are various purposes of every product and the power drill satisfies the purpose of screw driving or fastening or unscrewing applications. The most relevant the product is, the more are its buyers. So before purchasing a power drill, below points have to be kept in mind.

    Certainly, the factors like Battery, Chuck size, Chuck Settings, power source (corded or cordless), motor performance and overall build quality plays important role that helps you make a purchase decision out there in a super store.
  • Heavy Duty Drill applications:
    If you are planning to buy a power drill for heavy duty applications, then you should consider all the above factors and there should be top notch performance from each one of them. So starting with motor’s performance, it should be capable of producing at least 300 in-lbs. Of torque and if it can give you capabilities to vary speed, then that’s a bonus.

    Next, the important criteria is battery which should be definitely Li-ion such that the motor can deliver its maximum performance. Ideally, any 20V - 24V Li-ion battery should be a perfect choice. With this, another important factor is the chuck size and drive settings. The chuck size should be of ½” inch that should allow you to hold different chuck bits and perform any kind of operations upon the materials like Concrete or wood or bricks.
  • Medium or General Duty applications:
    Now looking for a power drill which can quickly drill holes or tighten up screws through materials like wood, then these conditions have to be taken look. For general purposes as such, the motor should be able to produce at least 250 - 300 in per lbs. Of torque. The battery voltage somewhere between 12V - 18V will be a suitable choice. The ⅜ chuck size and drive settings with minimum of 10 different settings will make the driver to be an ideal choice for precision controlling.
  • Light Duty Applications:
    If you’re not looking for a power drill which can satisfy both the above conditions, then you can watch out for a power drill which can be used in the light duty applications such as assembling the furniture, changing light fixtures on already existing structures, drilling through drywall. The drills for these applications require minimum of 250 in-lbs. of torque, 12v batteries whether they are Ni-Cad batteries or the Li-ion batteries. Even the corded drills will be enough for such applications.

How we Pick These Best List?

Finding out 10 best products from any category of products is a tedious job. We thrive hard to collect list of products from which you can choose out the best that suits your needs.

  • Performance and features:
    This is the most important criteria to look out for in any product and especially power tools. Now the basic necessity of any tool is it performance. If the tool doesn’t stand up to its promise of delivering a good torque and good speed which are quite essential for the fastening or drilling operations, there is no need of owning them. So we take out the drivers that give sheer performance as output and also are packed with handful of features for the price range at which they are put for sale.
  • Review and ratings from consumers:
    Nothing serves better than this. We basically go through most of the feedback or reviews from the consumers who have purchased the product and have share their experience with others. By doing a deep research through them and applying various filters we finally showcase you the best products.
  • Brand Value:
    Cordless power drivers are not so easy to purchase or most affordable power tools to purchase as there are tons of different varieties of tools available from various brands that can solve up your DIY necessity. It will be heartbreaking when you purchase a product and it breaks down very quickly than you expect which is why relying on good brands in the market is necessary. With this, we don't neglect any new brands or products, but we consider above criteria to compare with other similar products and get you the finest list.
  • Value for money:
    This would typically the most important part before making a purchase decision. Any tool or product that you purchase should stand for its value. What is the use of buying a product at $$$$ cost if it is worth of doing only $$ work. So we have carefully realized this factor and based on that filtered out those tools which are very much worth of its expenditure.

In the below article, we help you out in finding the best cordless drivers available in the market by listing down the top 10 cordless power drivers that you can own. The below list is constructed considering various factors like features, usability, price, customer feedback and average rating. So go ahead and continue reading this article as we unveil the top 10 cordless power drivers/drills with their standout features, capabilities, advantages, and disadvantages of the same.

best power drill

Standing top on our list is the Dewalt’s DCD771C2 20V max cordless ½ inch Li-ion compact driver drill kit. This driver checks almost all the checkboxes essential for a cordless drill/driver for a medium duty or heavy weight applications. The ergonomic design and superior handling grip of this drill allows you to hold the drill rigidly in single hand and doesn’t even creates fatigue while using it for longer time.

Other than the design, this drill is packful of features which are essential for the various kind of applications. The compact 20V battery inside the drill can deliver a maximum of 300 unit watt of torque with variable speeds of 0 - 450 rpm for low speed applications and 0 - 1500 rpm for high speed applications.

This variance in speed allows you to use it on different materials and variable speed applications. Also, the driver just weighs 3.6 pounds which makes it very light in weight and also comes with ½” inch keyless chuck with 16 different clutch settings. With these 16 different clutch settings you can easily move the drill bit and hold it rigidly against any kind of materials.

The fastening, screwing or unscrewing, drilling operations can be done with ease with this drill and is an ideal choice for many of the workmen. It is also recommended by many of the experts from the industry. It comes with a gigantic 20V 2.2Amp Lithium-ion battery and a fast charger that charges up the battery within 1 hour. The battery is also capable of running throughout the day.

Even if you run out of the charge while doing some kind of operation, there is an extra battery in the kit that can enable you to switch it in and resume the operations. So all your worries are covered. Not only this, this extraordinary drill comes with DeWalt’s excellent warranty options that allow you to get money back if not satisfied with the product within 90 days. It is included with one-year free service and three-year limited warranty on the tool.

  • Ergonomic design and superior grip that allows you to hold the drill easily.
  • Stretching for 9” inches in length and weighing 3.6 pounds, this drill is easy to handle and comfortably carry out the operations.
  • The brushed motor inside the drill produces 300 Unit watt of power and can switch between two different speeds.
  • Delivering 0-450 rpm for low speed, high torque applications and 0 - 1500 rpm for high speed and low torque applications, this drill is ideal for medium range applications and for household or DIY operations.
  • The ½” inch keyless metallic chuck allows you to hold the drill bits and is all metallic in case.
  • Compact charger and 20V max batteries can charge up the battery within an hour.
  • No battery status indicators either on battery or on the charger.
  • Little bit heavier and lengthier than its predecessor, however, is not actually a big concern.
Black & Decker LD120VA

Another drill kit which sounds fantastic on the paper and also on the field. This powerful LDV120VA 20-volt max lithium ion drill/driver from Black & Decker is just what your workshop should consist of. It consist of superior grip and comfortable to hold handle that allows you to operate the drill single handedly. This drill kit also comes with beautiful additional accessories which can be very handy and are perfect choice to be in your workshop.

The 20V max LD120VA can be used for both drilling and screw driving purposes against the materials like wood or plastic or metal. It has this all metal ⅜” inch chuck that comes with 24 different drive settings. Presence of this 24 chuck settings allow you to tighten the positions for various drill bits accordingly. This also controls the drill bit not to fall off from the chuck when operating at high or low speeds.

The motor in this can deliver up to 750 rpm of maximum speed and produce 300 in-lbs. Of maximum torque. The tool weighs 4.2 pounds making it easy to hold in bare hands. Another exciting feature of this drill is the Lithium ion battery which is of 20V source and can hold the charge up to 18 months, which is mind-boggling. Also, the additional accessories as mentioned earlier are 6 Brad point drill bits, 10 1” inch screw driving bits, 9 2” inch screw driving bits, 4 nut drivers and one magnetic bit tip holder.

  • 20V Max battery that can hold up the charge for 18 long months
  • 24 different chuck settings that allow you to control precision and speed overall when operating under tough conditions.
  • Ergonomic design that makes it easy to use and long lasting durability
  • Additional accessories along with the drill, battery and charger makes it useful right out of the box and also worthy of the purchase.
  • No variable speed adjustments which are essential when you are operating against different materials.
  • No battery status indicators on the tool.
DEWALT DC970K-2 power drill

Next on our list of top 10 power drills is the DeWalt’s DC970K-2 18 volt compact drill/driver kit which again packs some unique features. If you are looking for something that can deliver that raw power and also not empty your pocket, then this DeWalt’s DC970K-2 is one of the options you should definitely worth consider.

DeWalt DC970K-2 packs with an 18 Volt Ni-Cad batteries and a one hour charger which can quickly charge up the batteries within an hour. This drill comes with a ½” inch single sleeve keyless all metal ratcheting chuck and can deliver up to 380 unit watts of torque. It also can vary speed between 0-450 rpm and 0 - 1500 rpm which makes it to be adaptive for both low speed and high speed applications.

This 9 inch long drill just weighs 5.2 pounds in hands and has very minimal chances of creating fatigue or burden over your shoulders. The maximum efficiency can be achieved for both drilling and fastening applications. Being lightweight in design, this drill can handle all the maximum work and with LED at the bottom of the trigger, you don’t have to worry about working under extreme dark conditions.

Since they are Ni-Cad batteries, you cannot expect the battery life to be as high as other Li-ion battery drills, however, the DeWalt gets you covered on those. It offers 90-day money back guarantee if you aren’t satisfied with the product along with one-year service contract and three-year of limited warranty on the tool.

  • Minimum and compact design makes the drill ideal to use for various applications.
  • The 1.7 amp 18 volt Ni-cad batteries are capable of running all the day.
  • Variable speed allows you to switch for different low speed or high speed applications.
  • Ultimate strength of this drill is to deliver maximum power till the last point of charge. It can deliver a maximum of 380 unit watt of torque.
  • ½ inch single sleeve keyless ratcheting chuck supports various drill bits and hold on to them sturdily.
  • Protection from DeWalt guarantees you the complete satisfaction over the kit.
  • Ni-Cad batteries are outdated technology and in comparison with Lithium-ion batteries are less efficient and durable.
  • No battery status indicator as usual with all the DeWalt tools.
BLACK+DECKER LDX120C power drill

Another interesting drill from Black and decker is the LDX120C 20 volt max lithium ion cordless driver which stands at fourth position in our ratings. Just like LD120VA it also shares some similar specifications on board. However, it differs in some categories when compared to it. This drill is also very compact in design stores no memory and has longer life due to the fact of using highly durable materials in making it.

This comes with a ⅜ inch chuck which can comfortably hold and drive the screws or nuts through materials like wood, plastic or even metal. Unlike the LD120VA which delivers enormous 300 unit watts of torque, this tool can deliver 115 in-lbs. of torque with 0-650 rpm of maximum speed which makes it easy to use for low and medium size applications.

Same 20V lithium ion max batteries can be attached to this drill and hence can drive the tool for the whole day long. Also, Black and decker officially declares that these batteries can hold up the charge for 18 months if left untouched. This might not be a point to consider since you will be purchasing the drill only to use and not to keep that in showcase.

The performance of this drill is optimal for the price range which it comes it and the category under which it falls. Though highly durable materials are being utilized for construction, this drill just weighs 3.4 pounds and stretches for 10.6 inches in length. All in all the dimensions of this drill are pretty much compact and can hold up in your hands easily.

The batteries are of 20V max voltage can easily charge up using the fast charger that comes along in the kit. In case, you lost the battery or charger, then worry not there are other batteries or chargers which are compatible with this drill that you can borrow from one of your friends.

  • Simple and compact design making the drill to hold easily
  • 20V max lithium ion batteries hold up the charge for longer time and can also allow for the tool to run whole day
  • Light in weight and is compatible with various other charger and batteries
  • 11 different clutch positions helps to achieve control and make precise drilling through wood or plastic or metal materials.
  • Low torque produced compared to others in same range
  • Materials doesn’t feel so premium though they are light in weight and are durable.

5. BLACK and DECKER LDX120PK 20-Volt MAX Lithium-Ion Drill and Project Kit

Something that stands out from all the other above mentioned Black and decker drills is this. This Black and Decker LDX120PK 20 volt max lithium ion drill and project kit is what all you want if you are planning just to start a workshop or are eagerly do some DIY projects at your home. Ideally, this kit has all those elements which are essential to make it worthy at each and every point of using it.

This project kit consists of one LDX12PK 20-volt Max Lithium ion drill/driver along with 66 other handy tool accessories that are very much essential for all your wood related purposes. This comes with 11 different clutch settings for ⅜” inch chuck that has metal casing with a plastic covering over it. The different clutch settings allow you to use the drill for various screw driving and fastening applications.


Again this is similar design from Black and decker with same compatible and portability allowing to use it single handedly. The drill also comes with a two-year limited warranty which can cover the costs incurred for any manufacturing damage. So, the 66 other tool accessories include one tape measure, one adjustable wrench, one needle nose pliers, two manual screwdrivers, one utility knife, one slip joint plier, one 12 oz. hammer, 1 adjustable wrench, one ratcheting screwdriver, four hole saws with mandrel, 32 screw driving bits, one magnetic bit holder, ten drilling bits, five spade bits.

Now you might be wondering what you would do with these many accessories. Your concern is right, however, remember for any workshop or if you’re just buying it to use it for your DIY purposes, all these additional accessories comes handy and can be used at one situation or another. Proper use of tools at proper time can make your works easier and hence give perfect touch to them.

  • Additional 66 different tool accessories makes it every bit of worth for its price
  • The driver feels light in weight and can handle the medium weight applications easily
  • Best suited for all the DIY , home assembly furniture’s, repairs and small projects
  • 20V lithium ion battery holds the charger for longer time
  • If you’re already owning a drill and if you are looking for some drill just to upgrade, then this is not for you.
  • Build quality of the tool is not that great.
Milwaukee 2691-22 18-Volt Compact Drill

Next on our list comes out brand from the other mentioned above. This combo kit of Drill and impact driver is from Milwaukee which also has a reputation for its trust and service provided to its customers for their tools. This Milwaukee 2691-22 18-volt compact drill and impact driver combo kit comes with a Drill that is also high on performance and durability.

The driver 2691-22 comes with a drill and impact driver that works definitely for your purpose. It comes with an 18-volt battery and delivers 400 in-lbs. Of maximum torque and weighs just 4 pounds and lengths for 7-¾ inches. This drill’s motor also comes with a variable speed motor which allows you to shift between two speeds. One is 0-400 rpm and another being 0-1800 rpm. This also comes with a ½” inch metallic chuck key which again allows you to hold heavy sized drill bits rigidly.

Another interesting thing is that Impact driver also comes with pretty good features like ¼” inch hex compact impact driver. The lightweight design, compact shape to hold, LED lights and five long year warranty in both the drills makes this drill to be an ideal choice.

  • Lightweight design yet durable and can produce enormous 400 in-lbs of maximum torque.
  • 4 pole frameless motor that allows you shift between two speeds allows you to use it for both low speed high torque and high speed low torque applications.
  • Rigid build quality and necessity of impact driver makes it ideal to use.
  • Five year warranty on tool and other required features like battery status indicator and LED lights are its strong points.
  • Comparatively over price than its competitors and other such tools in the same range.
Makita CT226

Similar to the above tool, this is also from a different brand which is Makita. Makita is also known for its better build quality and the robust materials used to construct the drills. Makita’s CT226 12V max CXT lithium-ion cordless combo kit comes with a drill and impact driver that can be ideal for low weight applications.

Makita’s CT226 12V drill comes with 12-volt lithium batteries and ⅜” inch all metal chuck. The 12-volt battery allows you to switch between two different speeds. One being 0-450 rpm and another 0-1700 rpm which for a 12-volt range is pretty impressive. This drill can deliver a maximum of 250 in-lbs. torque and hence is an ideal choice for lightweight applications. However when it is used against heavyweight or highly strong materials, then it might not work so smoothly.

  • Delivers maximum of 250 in-lbs. of torque and can vary between two different speeds.
  • The super charger can charge up the battery within 60 minutes and has clear indications for full charge
  • Very light in weight design that weighs just 2.8 pounds and the comfortable grip allows to hold it with minimal fatigue.
  • Also comes with a trademark charging technology that charges all the cells inside a battery equally.
  • 3 year warranty on the tool won’t allow you to compromise on anything
  • Better for lighter weight applications and not an ideal choice for high weight applications.
Hitachi DS18DGL

On number 8 is the well-known brand Hitachi and their trademark tool. The Hitachi DS18GL 18-volt cordless lithium ion ½ inch compact drill driver is ideal choice for many who are looking for the drill that can serve every purpose of a compact driver. This again delivers a 400 in-lbs. Of maximum torque and comes with a ½ inch all metal chuck which can hold drill bits very easily and firmly.

The lithium ion batteries are famous to deliver fade free power and work all day long without any consent. Also, the driver has 22 different clutch settings which can be very useful for precision controlling which working against tough materials. The fastening, screw driving and unscrewing through those materials becomes a cakewalk with this.

There are two speed variations. One is 0-450 rpm and another one being 0-1250 rpm and one of the most interesting feature of this drill is its warranty. The tool comes with a lifetime warranty. Isn’t it unbelievable? But trust us, it comes with a lifetime warranty. However, there is a two year limited warranty on the battery.

  • Lifetime warranty on the tool and two-year limited warranty on battery and one-year warranty on charger gives it an edge over other competitors.
  • It delivers the maximum torque of 400 in-lbs. which is ideal for many of the high end applications.
  • Variance in speed allows you to use it for both lightweight and heavyweight applications.
  • Comes with two batteries that can carry enough juice which can run for whole long day during your daily works.
  • There is no battery status indicator both on the tool and on the charger that can clearly indicate the status.

If you are looking for a compact and lightweight drill that should weigh minimum and also not cost you enough of your pocket money, then Porter Cable PCC606LA 20-volt ½ inch lithium ion drill is one of those to consider.

This 20-volt driver comes with a high output motor that can deliver a maximum of 330 unit watts of power and can switch between 0-400 rpm and 0-1600 rpm. The maximum efficiency required for both drilling and fastening applications is delivered easily through this drill. Since it comes from a 20-volt family, the use of it also widens and hence it can utilized for wide variety of applications like cabinetry, framing out rooms, or even fastening hinges on doors.

Apart from this, porter cable has managed to fit this drill under just 8 inches long and a weight of just 3.5 pounds. The LED lights just beneath the trigger can allow you to use it under dark spaces and the ergonomic and safe design of the drill like using rubber bumper protects it from the damage.

  • Nice ergonomic design makes it very light in weight and feels easy to hold
  • The 20-volt max driver can deliver up to 330 unit watts of power and can work between two different speed ranges.
  • Switching between speeds allow it to use for both lightweight and heavyweight applications
  • Rubber bumper all around the drill makes it feel protective and sturdy to use.
  • Though being light and compact in design, the materials doesn’t feel so premium.
  • Offers just two year limited warranty on both tool and the other accessories.

Last on our top 10 power drills list is the Black and Decker BDEDMT Matrix AC drill/driver. This driver is a corded driver unlike other drivers and in spite of that gives a tough competition to many other drills in the same market space.

This drill comes with a 4 amp powerful motor that can deliver maximum of 1200 rpm and 128 in-lbs. of maximum torque. It weighs just 3.9 lbs., thanks to its lightweight design that makes it to use easily against many of the materials. The drill is attached with a ⅜” inch chuck and can be shifted with 11 different clutch settings. Presence of these clutch settings allow the drill to hold the drill bit properly without slippage.

The most interesting part of the drill and reason behind its inclusion in our top 10 power drills list is the Black and Decker’s trademark Matrix Quick connect system that allows you to change the front portion of the tool. Thus various other attachments which can be purchased separately can be used with the drill allowing you to use it for various different purposes.

  • Matrix Quick connect system that can be used to change the tool attachments easily and use it for various purposes.
  • The corded system still delivers the optimal power that can be used for various fastening or screw driving applications.
  • 11 different clutch settings allow the chuck to hold the drill bit rigidly and prevent it from slippage.
  • Dependency on corded system doesn’t makes it an ideal choice for many of the present generation customers
  • Only can be utilized for lightweight applications as there is no variation in speed or torque that can be expected out of this as an output.


Power drills play a vital part of workshop or even if you are purchasing it for your home purposes. It serves the purpose of drilling or driving screws into materials like wood or metal or plastic or even concrete. So when you are purchasing a power drill for these purposes, you should be careful enough as they don’t come with cheap price tag and you are spending your hard earned money on something that should be worth of it.

In the above list we tried to go through as many drills as possible which are currently available in the market and provide you only those which are good enough to spend some cash on. From the list you might observe there are tools that are coming from brands like DeWalt, Black and Decker, Makita, Milwaukee, Hitachi and others. It is not because we are biased towards those brands but because of the trust in service and quality that these brands carry.

There are several other brands which are cheap and can deliver almost equal performance as the above mentioned can do. However, these brands are not so reliable and hence couldn’t make up our list. We also don’t want you to spend money on something that it isn’t worth.

So we hope that this article helps you in making up your mind to choose the best power drill that can justify your purpose. Hence we would like to hear it from you. Do you agree with our list? Let us know in the comments section below.

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