Best Cordless Drill Under $100

A cordless drill is a piece of ideal equipment you need, whether you are working at a home project or in a professional capacity. There are several cordless drills under $100 that you can buy in the market. These drills have batteries in them that allow you to work without getting hindered by wires. You can purchase these drills with a range of accessories as well that make it easy to use these drills.

These drills are robust and sturdy so that you can do all the drill related tasks with ease without losing any power. The cordless drills can increase your productivity by allowing you to work without lugging around wires with you. If you are working around a tight space, wires can be a hazard so using a cordless drill makes even more sense from a safety point of view. In this article, we will look at some of the best cordless drills under $100. We will also compare the features of these drills and take a look at their pros and cons.

Comparison Sheet for Best Cordless Drill Under $100

Serial NoProduct NameSpeed (RPM)WeightChunk Size(Inch)Battery VoltageBattery IncludedWarranty (years)Editor's RankingProduct Page
1Milwaukee Electric Tools Hammer Drill 0-17002.3 pounds1/2"12vNoNA4.6Check on Amazon
2Pink Power 12V Cordless Drill 0-350
2.13 pounds3/8"12vYes34.6Check on Amazon
3DEWALT 20V MAX XR 0-550
3.1 pounds1/2"20vNo34.6Check on Amazon
4 pounds1/2"20vYes34.7Check on Amazon
5BLACK+DECKER GC1801 0-7501 poundsNA18vYesNA4.4Check on Amazon
6BLACK+DECKER 8V MAX 0-4001.3 pounds3/8"8vYes24.5Check on Amazon
7BLACK+DECKER 12V MAX 0-5502.95 pounds3/8"12vYes24.5Check on Amazon
8BLACK+DECKER BDCDE120C 0-8003.65 pounds3/8"20vYes24.7Check on Amazon
9ULTRA STEEL 20V 0-350
3.74 pounds3/8"20vYes14.6Check on Amazon
10WORKSITE 8V 0-5502.48 pounds3/8"8vNoNA4.3Check on Amazon

Best Cordless Drill Under $100 Reviews

1. Milwaukee Electric Tools Hammer Drill – A Powerful Cordless Drill Under $100

Milwaukee Electric Tools Hammer Drill
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This hammer drill from Milwaukee Electric Tools is designed to perform at 12V. The drill offers exceptional performance in terms of speed and power for all drilling tasks. The small size of the drill makes it easy to carry. You can also use the drill in tight places without getting obstructed by the size of the drill. The drill provides more than 1,300 pounds of torque for fastening, drilling, and other tasks. As it is small in size, this drill is suitable for use in spaces where you cannot use a large drill or a drill with a cord attached to it.

The drill also works as an impact driver for hammering in nails as per the project’s needs. The high-quality drill is easy to carry. You can use it for all kinds of drilling tasks by using the right type of attachment. The power and performance of this drill are unmatched by the drills in the same category. You can drill holes or hammer in nails on any kind of surface with ease when you use this drill. If you are looking for a daily driver-drill that will work excellently and last for a long time, this is the perfect unit to pick.


  • The drill is lightweight and easy to use
  • Powerful performance for drilling and hammering
  • Ideal for making small to medium-sized holes
  • The chucking can be done without the need for tools


  • The drill makes noise when in use
  • The power is less compared to the previous version
  • The handle of the drill is too thick
  • The batteries of the drill die too quickly

2. Pink Power 12V Cordless Drill & Driver Tool Kit – A Cordless Drill Under $100 for Women

Pink Power 12V Cordless Drill
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This is a full drill set that comes with a tool case, charger, battery, and drill bit set. The drill is bright pink in color that makes it easily distinguishable from other tools in a garage or a construction site. If you are planning to buy a drill set for a special woman in your life, this drill’s bright pink color will surely make it a great gift. The drill is lightweight, and it weighs a little over two pounds. You can use the drill one-handed as well, even if you are using it for long periods. To make it easy to work in dark places, the drill comes with a LED light that is automatically switched on when you activate the drill.

The drill is cordless, which means you are not obstructed in terms of reach by a cord dangling from the drill. You can check the battery level from the built-in gauge on the drill. It is easy to change the drill bits without the chuck. There are 18 torque settings on the drill, and you can also choose from forward and reverse drilling features. If you are looking for a precise and powerful drill, check out this drill set today.


  • Complete kit for all kinds of drilling tasks
  • LED light for drilling precision in darkness
  • 12-volt battery is powerful for most tasks
  • The tool case is sturdy and secure
  • The drill is perfect for small or large holes


  • The battery is not good quality
  • The case can only fit specific tools
  • The drill bits are not good quality
  • The drivers are not labeled

3. DEWALT 20V MAX XR Brushless Drill-Driver – An Excellent Cordless Drill Under $100 for Home Tasks

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This cordless drill from DEWALT works with a 20V battery that delivers ample power for all kinds of drilling tasks. The drill is compact and lightweight, so you can carry it for longer duration tasks without feeling fatigued. There are two-speed settings and a high-speed transmission in this drill. The high-speed transmission adds to the performance of the drill by offering up to 30% faster performance. You can drill in the dark and hard to reach places with this drill as well. The 3-mode LED light also has a spotlight mode that is perfect for focusing on the areas that are not well-lit.

The brushless motor design of this unit offers long life for the motor for years to come. There is a ½” ratcheting chuck that allows for better gripping strength when drilling. You can hang this drill on your belt with the provided belt hook that makes carrying the drill easy. The handle of the drill has a grip on it that makes it easy to carry the drill or hold it for long periods. Keep in mind that this is a bare tool item, which means you will need to buy the battery and the charger separately. If you are looking for a high-performance drill that does all the tasks with ease, check out this unit today.


  • Includes LED light for working in dark areas
  • Brushless motor for long-term performance
  • The drill works with a powerful 20V battery
  • Lightweight drill for working long hours
  • The compact size makes it easier to carry


  • The battery needs to be bought separately
  • The motor is not good quality
  • The chuck tends to wobble with regular use
  • The torque is too high for slow tasks
  • The trigger can malfunction with time

4) PORTER-CABLE 20V MAX Cordless Drill-Driver Kit – A Fully Loaded Cordless Drill Under $100

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The Porter Cable cordless drill has a high-performance motor that is powerful enough for most drilling tasks. The gearbox has two speeds, and the motor can go up to 1500 RPMs. You can use this drill for tasks in the dark areas as the LED light makes it easy to focus on areas. The drill has a compact design, and it is lightweight so that your hands do not get tired when you are working. Changing the bit of this drill is easy as the chuck does not require a key to open it.

The drill comes with a 1.3 amp/hour and a 400 milliamp charger to charge the battery. You can also buy additional batteries to keep using the drill while one battery is charging. This drill is small and lightweight, but it does not falter in terms of the power it provides despite its size. It is easy to use the drill as it has a nice balance. The drill is powerful with ample torque for all kinds of drilling tasks. If you are looking for a daily driver-drill that does all the tasks without faltering, then check this unit today.


  • Powerful performance
  • Lightweight and easy to handle
  • The drill has a LED light
  • The battery holds a charge for a long time


  • The battery takes a long time to charge
  • The build quality of the motor is not good

5) BLACK+DECKER GC1801 18-Volt Drill-Driver – A Reliable Cordless Drill Under $100

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This Black & DECKER drill is an 18-volt unit that is ideal for drilling holes in all kinds of surfaces. This is a variable speed unit that performs excellently in all drilling tasks at home or in a professional setting. This 24-position clutch is great for adding control while drilling as it prevents the screws from stripping and overdriving. The drill comes with an 18-volt battery, charger, nut drivers, magnetic bit tip holder, and other accessories.

The performance of this drill is exceptional, and as it is cordless, you are not limited in the range of motion by the cord. This is a great drill that you can use as a backup drill too. The torque control feature is great for giving you extra control for any kind of drilling task. The grip on this drill is comfortable with a non-slip material on it. The thumb controls add to the ease of switching the mode of the drill while you are working.


  • Easy to switch speed from drilling to driving
  • High RPM makes drilling tasks easy
  • Perfect for around the house tasks
  • The universal charging system is compatible with other B&D products
  • Cordless system allows freedom of movement while working


  • The battery can be charged only when it is in the drill
  • The drill is heavy
  • The batteries take a long time to charge
  • Accessories might be missing
  • The charger is not good quality


Buying a cordless drill can be a wonderful change to your productivity in assembling and making new things in the house or at the job. Before buying a cordless drill, make sure you know the battery capacity of the drill and if it is compatible with your accessories. Many drills are available in different sizes and weights, so choose the one that suits your needs. Finding the right drill for the job is the most crucial aspect of buying a drill, so keep in mind how you plan to use the drill when you look for features.

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