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A 12V impact driver can come in handy for tasks that require more power than a regular drill can offer. If you are looking for a lightweight and versatile tool that will help you do all the tasks that a drill can perform and then some more, look for a 12V impact driver. The impact drivers can accept 1/4 inch hex shank, and these can be used for nut setting and as well as driving screws. In effect, an impact driver performs the functions of a drill with the right attachments, but if you are only tightening screws, then it works best for your usage.

If you are working to remove screws, you can easily reverse the motor direction on your impact driver and remove bolts. The small footprint and the power of the impact drivers make them the ideal tool to own in your toolbox, whether you are working at home or a construction site.

In this article, we will take a look at different 12V impact drivers available in the market. We will also take a look at their features, pros, cons, and more.

Comparison Sheet for Best 12V Impact Driver

Serial NoProduct NameBrandDimensions (Inch)WeightBattery IncludedRPMWarranty (Years)Editor's RankingProduct Page
1Bosch Combo Kit CLPK22-120 Bosch12.75 x 9.75 x 4.256.4 poundsYes260014.7Check on Amazon
2Milwaukee 2462-20 M12 Milwaukee7.03 x 1.79 x 6.481.3 poundsNo250054.7Check on Amazon
3Bosch GSR12V-140FCB22 Bosch5.2 x 2 x 76.42 poundsYes130034.7Check on Amazon
4Bosch PS41 Max Hex Impact Driver BoschNA2.13 poundsYes260014.6Check on Amazon
5DEWALT MAX Impact Driver DEWALT6.25 x 2 x 6.52.3 poundsYes340034.7Check on Amazon
6Wagan EL2257 Mighty Impact Wrench Wagan10 x 3.5 x 115 poundsNo500013.8Check on Amazon
7Bosch Max EC Brushless Impact Driver Bosch5.5 x 2.2 x 7.042.2 poundsYes310014.6Check on Amazon
8DEWALT DCF902F2 XTREME DEWALT11.19 x 4.38 x 9.884.54 poundsYesNA34.5Check on Amazon

Product reviews for Best 12V Impact Driver

1. Bosch Power Tools Combo Kit CLPK22-120 – 12-Volt Cordless Tool Set – Editor’s Choice for 12V Impact Driver

Bosch Power Tools Combo Kit CLPK22-120 - 12-Volt Cordless Tool Set
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The Bosch drill kit is the ideal kit that comes with a drill driver and an impact driver. The impact driver offers power up to 2600 RPM that makes it perfect for most home tasks as well as mid-level duties. The drill and impact driver are lightweight units that are easy to carry to the job site. You can use the impact driver in tight spaces without feeling cramped or fatigued. The impact driver offers a precise function, whether you are drilling holes or removing nuts or bolts. 

The impact driver is easy to handle, as it has a small size. You can carry it in your toolbox without sacrificing too much space. The driver comes with an LED light ring that makes it easy to work in dark and cramped spaces. The included batteries hold a charge for a long time, and these are quick to charge as well. When you need power and performance, you can rely on this impact driver to do the job without any complaints. This impact driver is a reliable unit that will give you exemplary performance for years to come.


  • Well-balanced and lightweight products
  • The batteries don’t take too much time to charge
  • Easy to change the bits as needed
  • Perfect tools for light drilling tasks
  • The driver comes with a battery level display gauge


  • The tools do not come with a belt hook
  • The batteries tend to die out with usage
  • The impact driver is not ideal for use in humid or wet conditions
  • The battery charger is not good quality

2. Milwaukee 2462-20 M12 1/4 Inch Hex Shank Impact Driver – Lightweight 12V Impact Driver

Milwaukee 2462-20 M12 1/4 Inch Hex Shank Impact Driver
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The Milwaukee Hex Shank Impact Driver is a popular impact driver with a range of options for doing work at home or a construction site. The small size of the impact driver makes it ideal for carrying around, and the performance is exceptional for the size. The grip of this impact driver is rubber molded that adds to the ease of handling the unit. The motor is powerful in this unit, and it can drive fasteners with 1000 inch-pounds of torque. The impact driver has advanced technology inside it that keeps it from overheating. In case the unit reaches close to the failure point, it shuts off automatically to prevent damage to internal circuitry. 

With this impact driver, it is easy to work in dark areas as the bright LED lights can illuminate the areas where you are working. The LED lights activated on pressing the trigger to eliminate any shadows and give you a clear view of the area where you are working. The impact driver comes with a battery charge indicator on the side that gives you a better insight into how much battery is left in the unit. If you are looking for an impact driver that will make tasks at home or worksite easier, then make sure you check out this unit.


  • Includes a belt clip for easy handling
  • LED lights make it easy to work in dark areas
  • Impact drive comes with battery gauge
  • Internal computer prevents the impact driver from heating up
  • The batteries last for a long time


  • The impact driver makes a lot of noise when in use
  • The housing is not good quality
  • The trigger mechanism tends to stick

3. Bosch GSR12V-140FCB22 Cordless Electric Screwdriver 12V Kit – A Versatile 12V Impact Driver

Bosch GSR12V-140FCB22 Cordless Electric Screwdriver 12V Kit
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The Bosch Cordless Electric Screwdriver has a modern design with a range of attachments that give it exceptional capabilities for drilling/driving. Whether you are working at your home tasks or a construction site, you can use this electric screwdriver for a range of functions. From drilling holes to driving nuts and bolts, the modern screwdriver has the power and versatility to complete all tasks with enough power. 

The kit comes with a locking bit holder attachment for better control when drilling a problematic surface that requires high powered drilling. The accessories for this driver are adjustable for working in tight spaces. The driver offers precise control over the drilling or driving task that you are doing, and you can easily rotate the unit to move into the most comfortable position for your required job. You can use this screwdriver to drive nuts close to an edge or in a cramped area. Adding attachments is easy, as they require only one click to fix them into place. If you are looking for a versatile driver, then give this unit a look today.


  • Comes with four unique attachments
  • Ample power and torque for most tasks
  • Easy to adjust the attachment as per the need of the task
  • Magnetic bit holder works great for basic tasks
  • Lightweight and easy to use


  • The battery charger is not good quality
  • The handle is not suitable for gripping
  • It is challenging to get the batteries out of the driver
  • The driver does not come with a belt hook

4. Bosch PS41-2A 12V Max 1/4-Inch Hex Impact Driver Kit – A Value-for-Money 12V Impact Driver Kit

Bosch PS41-2A 12V Max 1/4-Inch Hex Impact Driver Kit
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This driver kit from Bosch is built to handle all kinds of lug driving tasks. The impact driver has a short head-length at 5.4 in. If you work in tight spaces, this is the ideal driver unit that will help you to accomplish tasks without any stress. The unit has ample power even though the size is small. You can easily carry this driver unit in your toolkit without wasting any space. The driver can exert 939 in/lbs of torque, which is enough for most home or commercial tasks. The max RPM of this driver is 2600, making it easy to remove nut lugs or bolts. 

The driver unit is lightweight, and it comes with a range of exciting features that are useful at a worksite. If you work in dark areas, the included LED light makes it easy to see the area you are trying to drill or make space for nuts or bolts. The battery meter on the side of the impact driver makes it easy to check the remaining power and how long the driver will work. The driver kit comes with two batteries, two screwdriver bits, and a carrying bag. If you are in the market for a lightweight and powerful impact driver, give this impact driver a look.


  • The small size makes it easy to carry
  • Ideal unit for quick, repetitive jobs
  • Includes ring LED light for better performance
  • Flexible housing that is impact resistant 
  • Ergonomic handle for better grip during demanding tasks


  • The charger gets hot while charging the unit
  • The batteries do not last for a long time
  • The hex shaft tends to wobble when in use
  • The batteries take a long time to charge
  • The handle seems bulky

5. DEWALT 12V MAX Impact Driver – A Powerful 12V Impact Driver

DEWALT 12V MAX Impact Driver
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DEWALT is a well-known name in the hardware world, and the DEWALT 12V Max Impact Driver is a powerful unit that offers 2450 RPM of power. The impact driver has a small design that is easy to carry and lightweight as well. If you plan to use the driver in tight areas where usual drivers don’t fit, the DEWALT will do the job just right. The driver has an ergonomic handle with grips that make it easy to use the driver, whether driving nuts or removing them. 

The three LED design of the lights removes any shadows and offers you a clear view of the area where you want to use the driver. There are two battery packs included with the driver to charge one and use the other as needed. There are several torque settings on this driver to suit the needs of every task. You can also use the reverse option for the tasks as needed, and the variable speeds give you better control over every driving or drilling job. The modern design of the driver adds to the ease of holding it, and the included belt clip makes it an easy task to carry the driver as needed.


  • Lightweight and easy to carry
  • Allows easy loading of the chuck as needed
  • Provides 79 foot pounds of torque
  • The small size makes it easy to use in cramped spaces
  • Batteries charge anywhere from 30 minutes to one hour


  • There is no adjustment for the speed
  • The chuck tends to wobble when in use
  • Drill bits might be missing in shipping


Buying an impact driver is an excellent decision if you work on tasks that require nut lugging or bolt fastening. The high-performance units are quick at removing nuts that are stuck or making space for new nuts and bolts. Before buying an impact driver, make sure you look at the kind of attachments that you can use with the unit. Also, keep an eye on the power rating of the impact driver by checking the RPM at which the unit operates. 

Check the unit for the type of batteries it uses and if the batteries are available in the market. Often, the batteries are expensive and buying spare ones can make an impact on your budget. By keeping all these factors in mind, you will be able to choose the right impact driver for your usage. For more information on drills and impact drivers, please browse through this website. 

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